Frequently Asked Questions

The Course


The course is an extremely well-marked, exquisite mixture of hills, flats, sand, dirt, two-tracks, single tracks, and gravel.  Hungerford has something for everyone.

Course Maps

Fuel Stations


There are SIX Stations on the course.   Half marathoners will hit a station four times, marathoners will see seven, and ultra runners will see thirteen.  Each station has a wide assortment of essentials, and WE TAKE REQUESTS!  Let us know what you want and we'll make sure it's there.

Half Marathon Stations

Marathon Stations

Ultramarathon Stations

Porta-Johns are at stations A, C, and D.



Prices for Half, Marathon, & Ultra:

October - January 1st: $60, $70, $80

January 2nd - March: $75, $85, $95

April - July: $85, $95, $105

August & September: $95, $105, $115 

Sign up today!  If you need to defer for any reason, it's free until July 1st, and after that it's just $15.  You can also transfer your entry to another runner, or switch to a shorter race just by telling us.  We're a small race, so it's not trouble to accommodate your needs.

Want to mail in your registration?  Here's the form.



All finishers will receive the world's only hand-branded woodallion.  Ultramarathoners will race the sunset; if they finish before the sun goes down, they receive the coveted HG Hiking Stick.  Top three males and females in each race will receive a chainsaw-carved wooden trophy.

Plus, everyone receives an HG long-sleeved technical tee and an assortment of swag from our sponsors.

Race Day


Packet Pickup is FRIDAY before the race from 5:30-7:30.  Pack Pickup can be done on SATURDAY from 6:15-8:30.

Ultra begins at 7:37 (sunrise).

Half begins at 8:15.

Marathon begins at 9:00.

THERE IS A SHUTTLE to the start line of the marathon and half-marathon.  Make sure to arrive half an hour early to load up the bus!

Rules & Regulations


Half marathoners will follow the yellow flags and the yellow signs.

Marathoners and ultramarathoners will follow the red/orange flags and signs.

Portable music players are permitted, but you MUST be responsible for paying attention to your surroundings.

Sorry, no canine companions are allowed.